CSD 3324 SE Secure Voice, Fax

CSD 3324 SE: Secure Telephone and Fax Encryption, Compatible with DSP 9000 Base Radio Encryption

Secure Voice Telephone and Fax Encryption System

The CSD 3324 SE is an executive telephone with integrated secure voice, fax and data communications capabilities. The CSD 3324 SE is designed to provide strategic-level security with exceptional voice quality for government office applications. It also interoperates with TCC’s DSP 9000 radio base military encryptor to connect commanders with field forces.

Product Features

  • Strategic-level security
  • Excellent recovered voice quality (dual vocoder design)
  • Interoperates with DSP 9000 radio base military encryptor
  • Operates over degraded telephone line conditions with auto-fallback
  • Easily connects to any Group 3 fax machine
  • 128-bit encryption (Teltect-SE)
  • Secret Local Key based – 800 keys
  • User customizable Teltect-SE crypto algorithm
  • Backward compatible with TCC's previous generation CSD 3324E

Secure Voice Encryption

The CSD 3324 SE uses powerful, 128-bit encryption driving dual, full duplex Teltect-SE data encryption engines. The DSP-based 9,600 bps vocoder provides excellent voice quality with fallback modes to 4,800 bps digital and DSP 9000 analog mode for secure voice communications over severely degraded phone lines and radio channels.

Group 3 Fax Encryption

Two-wire (RJ-11) Group 3 fax encryption is provided as a standard feature with auto-answer/auto-fax sense, which allows incoming calls to be screened by the telephone. If the call is not a fax call, the telephone rings, giving a user a second chance to answer incoming voice calls. User-friendly settings allow any incoming and outgoing fax call (plain or secure) to be accepted. The setting can also be changed to “Secure Only” to allow only secure faxes to be sent between CSD 3324 SEs.

Data Encryption

Rear panel 25-pin D serial data port allows connection to a PC or other data terminal to secure RS-232 file transfers.

Operational Features

Controlled access – User access to all secure fax, data and voice communications modes is restricted using user passwords.

Menu-based setup – User-friendly menus allow logical setup of the telephones speed dial, voice answering and fax handling options.

Key Management

Key generation and storage is provided by TCC's Crypto Management System.

Trusted Heritage

The CSD 3324 SE is widely deployed internationally and is an evolutionary outgrowth of TCC’s successful and internationally trusted CSD 3324E telephone.

Secure Radio and Telephone Encryption, and Commander's Secure Voice Network

Secure Voice Telephone and Fax Encryption Specifications


Phone Numbers

  20 names and phone numbers

  last number redial feature

Auto-Answer/Fax Sense

  user configurable number of rings

Secure Voice

  9,600 (Multipulse Linear Prediction / MPLP)

  4,800 (Code Excited Linear Predition / CELP)

  DSP 9000 (Enhanced Domain Transform / EDT)

Secure Group 3 Fax

  9,600/7,200/4,800/2,400 bps

Secure Async Data

  9,600/4,800/2,400/1,200/600 bps

Display & Keypad

  2 lines × 16 characters LCD display

  20 push-button keypad

  12 button standard telephone keypad

  8 function key buttons

Security Features

  secure mode password

  menu access password protection


  Universal AC (85-264VAC) @ 50/60Hz (7.5 Watts, Max)

  DC Input (opt.): 10 – 30VDC (6.5 Watts, Max)

Physical Dimensions

  Height:  10.3 cm

  Width:   31.2 cm

  Depth:   27.2 cm

  Weight:   2.32 kg unpacked


Key Management

  800 Local Keys (128-bits)

  System Key (512-bytes) Distributed Secret Key

  Initialization Vectors (64-bits per direction)

Key Generators



  DSP 9000


TCC is dedicated to quality products and services. TCC is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001, granted to TCC by TUV, is the most stringent standard available for total quality systems in design/development, production, installation and servicing.

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